Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

(II Samuel 18:9-10.14b.24-25a.30-19:3; Mark 5:21-43)

The old man was pleased with himself.  He had caught the doctor billing him for treatments that he did not render.  The man saved thousands of dollars by just examining his bills.  Today’s gospel tells the story of a woman who was not so fortunate.  Her doctors had taken all the money she had without giving her any satisfaction.  She now turns to Jesus in her desperation.

Faith in Jesus moves the woman with hemorrhages to touch his garment.  She knows that it is wrong for her to do so because she is unclean according to Jewish law and touching Jesus sullies him as well.  So, when Jesus’ divine power is demonstrated first by being the source of her healing and then by realizing that his healing power was utilized, the woman trembles with fear.  Yet she manages to respond to Jesus’ call, “’Who has touched me?’”  Her courage wins for her a second, deeper blessing.  Jesus grants her salvation.  “’Daughter,’” he says, “’your faith has saved you.’”

We should not be afraid to come to Jesus when we, like the woman with hemorrhages, have done wrong.  We pray to him for strength and we encounter him forthrightly in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  His words to us will not be different, “Daughter (or son), your faith has saved you.”

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