Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

(Hosea 2:16.17c-18.21-22; Matthew 9:18-26)

The man was diagnosed with cancer.  He duly took the chemotherapy that was prescribed.  With even greater confidence he believed that God would cure him.  Five months later and after no easy struggle, the man’s doctor says that there is no evidence of cancer.  Although the story is but one of millions and not yet completed, it does illustrate the prerequisite faith for healing shown in today’s gospel.

The official astoundingly goes to Jesus after his daughter has died to ask for resuscitation.  He believes that a personal encounter with Jesus will give life back to her.  On the way to his house, Jesus is approached by a woman who has been in the tentacles of hemorrhage for years.  She also places faith in Jesus’ presence.  Neither the official nor the afflicted are disappointed.

Our prayer invokes the presence of Jesus.  We may not feel his presence.  Indeed, we may feel the frustration of trying to send emails when the server is disconnected. But through persistent and patient faith we will experience his life-giving attention.