Thursday, November 13, 2014

Memorial of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, virgin

(Phil 7-20; Luke 17:20-25)

However arrogant the Pharisees appear in the gospels, they also sincerely want to know about God.  In today’s gospel, the Pharisees ask Jesus when the Kingdom of God will come about.  Like us they long for a society where everyone lives as God commands.

Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees resonates with what he has said before.  The Kingdom presents itself gradually like wheat growing in a field.  It is there even as Jesus speaks.  As a matter a fact, it has come in the person of Jesus who stands before them.  It is found in us as well as we have been incorporated into Christ through Baptism.

The Kingdom of God is present when we make ourselves “Advent Angels” or some other kind of caregiver.  It is there when the man stops on the highway to assist a driver with a flat tire and no idea how to jack up a car.  It is found as well when we just smile and not curse at the car which abruptly swerves into our lane.